Sweet By and By is a wonderful novel about the Deep South hat brings pleasure to the soul. The characters’ lives were tested by adversity, strengthened by faith, and held fast by perserverance. I loved it!
-Jo Hubbard, Mt Olive, MS

Very enjoyable…I stayed up and read it all in one night…didn’t want to put it down.
-Jackie Boss, Petal, MS

Sweet By and By has a good balance of suspense and humor. As for the characters, we felt like we’d made new friends.
-Michael and Deborah Sanford, Collins, MS

A story about a courageous woman weathering the worst storms of life, Sweet By and By was hard to put down.
-Dema Sullivan, Sumrall, MS

Sweet By and By is a story about life-like characters told with a Southern flair; highlighted with Scriptures to remind us that God knows every human need, joy, and weakness.
-Kay McQueen, Collins, MS

Everything about this book is so vivid. As you read you will become part of the story, smell the food, feel the oppressive southern heat…Best of all, you begin to believe you know the characters personally. In your mind, they become real people experiencing all the tragedies, drudgery, suspense, and pure joy of living.
-Bettye Worrell, Magee, MS

Sweet By and By was like watching a movie…I was sorry to see it end.
-Dorothy Jones, Seminary, MS